Market Launch Announcement of M117FM-RG Compact φ29mm Machine-Vision Lens Series

December 2020:

With the aim to address customer´s needs more precisely, Tamron launched the M117FM-RG series, thus expanded its already diversified product line-up. 

A great improvement has been achieved in many ways and particularly  with focus on the body compact size. This makes the M117FM-RG series appropriate for use in robotics and other sophisticated applications.  

The complete series consists of 7 models with focal lengths between 6mm and 50mm made to fit perfectly not only on IMX178 sensors, but also on all other 1/1.7” and 1/1.8” imagers on the market with pixel pitch up to 2.4µm. 

The M117FM-RG series is suited for use cases with a need for high contrast and a limitation in space. Without performance compromise from the center to the edges and at the same time outer diameter of only φ29mm, the lenses can be installed in almost any location. 

Tamron´s state-of-the-art optics technology significantly reduces TV distortion. 
Specification: M117FM06: -1.5%, M117FM08: -1.0%, M117FM12: -0.45% M117FM16: -0.1%, M117FM25: -0.1%, M117FM35: -0.1%, M117FM50: -0.1% 

Its new rugged mechanical design improves the anti-vibration and shock performance of the M117FM-RG series, compared with previous models. The new mechanism suppresses the impact of vibration and shock of up to 10G of magnitude and limits the optical (image) deflection within 10μm. 
*Vibration frequency 10-60Hz (amplitude 0.75mm), vibration frequency 60-200Hz (acceleration 100m/s2), and number of cycles: 50 cycles. 

Considering the significant improvements, Tamron’s newest product launch is more than just another possibility. It is the solution to consider, for those with high standards who want to achieve excellent results.  

Further information and datasheets can be found via the following link:


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