Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsibility

Tamron is aware of its responsibility as a global corporation and part of the global society. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is seen as an important component of company politics.

On the one hand, we aim to develop innovative products that offer our customers real added value and result in sustainable growth. On the other hand, we take a look at the CSR activities from a global perspective. Our activities stretch from the Asian countries, with production plants in Japan and China, to our customers in Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

UN Global Compact

To do justice to its global business activity, Tamron joined the “United Nations Global Compact” in August 2007. This pact is closed between the UN and all participating corporations and aims to handle globalization on a sustainable basis, both socially and ecologically. “Global Compact” is an agreement with ten generally approved principles in the areas of human rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption.

Please see the United Nations homepage for more information:


ISO stands for „International Organization for Standardization”. The international standards include the ISO 9000 family of standards relating to quality system management, and the ISO 14000 series for the certification of environmental systems. Tamron is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Tamron takes its ecological responsibility seriously and has been strongly addressing concerns about the global environment through the reduction of environmental load in business operations based on ISO 14001. Specifically, Tamron has promoted the “Green Procurement” policy for abolishing harmful substances from the beginning and reinforcing positive environmental programs. At Tamron, we have addressed such issues as energy savings and waste reduction and recycling for reducing environmental loads generated from the manufacturing of products. Such activities promote the development of high quality, compact and environmentally friendly products to satisfy customers. In addition, from 2004, Tamron issued Environmental Reports to introduce its socially responsible philosophy and practices for environmental preservation. For further details, please visit Tamron’s website at

ISO 14001 the Fundamentals of the Environmental Conservation Policy

  1. Compliance with legislation relevant to environmental conservation
  2. Conservation and protection of natural resources 
  3. Prevention of environmental contamination
  4. Continued promotion of an environmental conservation program
  5. Promote design philosophy and development of environmentally friendly products to contribute to environmental protection. 
  6. Promote environmental education
  7. Disclosure of environmental-related information to the public

Tamron Europe GmbH

Tamron Europe GmbH has taken its own measures for sustainable development and responsible use of our resources. Whether saving paper or electricity, we take care to better economize the use of resources. This is not only of mutual benefit but most often more economic.

In addition, we work together with social organizations. We have gained very positive experience with the “Caritas Werkstätten Köln“ in Cologne. From data entry to the production of showcase displays, the projects have all worked out well to date, so we plan to also rely on their services in the future.

Each year we support several photographers, educational institutions and other organizations with products or promotional materials.  Amongst these are, for example, photographers who travel to distant countries to draw attention to the situation there.