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Developers of machine vision systems rely on TAMRON's industrial lenses since the 1980's. With the broad coverage of different image sensor formats and pixel sizes, our portfolio features a series with the right optical specification for almost every machine vision application. System designers furthr appreciate the compactness, optical quality, and price-performance ratio of TAMRON's machine vision lenses.

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Machine Vision lens, focal length 35 mm, C-mount, 2/3" optical format, aperture range 2.1 to 22, iris type: manual w/lock

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Machine Vision lens, focal length 6 mm, C-mount, 3.45 µm pixel pitch, 1/1.2" optical format, aperture range 2.8 to 16, iris type: manual w/lock

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Machine Vision lens, focal length: 8mm, C-mount, 2.74 µm pixel pitch, 2/3" optical format, high resolution, low distortion, rugged mechanical design

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