Tamron’s VIS-SWIR SMA11F Lens Series

Tamron proudly announces the launch of the new SMA11F, our first SWIR (Short Wavelength Infrared) lens series. Its 1’’ fixed-focal lenses cover the whole spectrum from visible light to SWIR band (400-1700nm).

The SMA11F series avoids defocused objects and provides consistent high-resolution quality images thanks to high spectral transmittance across the entire spectrum from visible light to SWIR band.

The main USP of the SMA11F-Series is that the need to re-focus for different spectral bands has become obsolete.

The lenses are compatible with imaging sensors with a pixel-pitch of 5µm (e.g. IMX990/IMX991).

Because of the previously mentioned features, they offer distinguished benefits for various fields of industrial applications, such as food inspection and classification, agriculture, medicine and science.

The SMA11F-Series comes with focal lengths of 12mm, 16mm and 25mm.

If you would like to receive further information or sample units, please use the contact section below to get in touch with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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