Introduction of our new MA111F-VIR Machine Vision Lens Series

Tamron’s answer to the latest generation of high-resolution CMOS sensors is the new MA111F-VIR lens series. High-resolution imaging is becoming more and more popular, especially in the electronics industry, where component miniaturization requires precise inspection systems. But other non-industrial machine vision applications require higher resolutions as well, e.g. aerial imaging, surveillance or traffic monitoring. The MA111F-VIR series supports larger sensors (1.1”) with up to 24 Megapixel resolution and a 2.5µm pixel pitch. All three models have an outer diameter of 43mm and a C-Mount, which keeps them extremely compact in this resolution range.

These lenses come with the same performance improvements as the MA23F series in terms of image quality, low distortion and anti-shock and anti-vibration mechanism with screw-lock. This makes the three models truly rugged, high-performance industrial lenses. However, because of the large scope of applications, the MA111F-VIR series has been designed to provide a high contrast and resolution across the whole focal length range, from close-up to infinity.

Another major benefit of the MA111F-VIR lenses is their excellent performance in the near-infrared spectrum (NIR). Tamron was able to reduce the typical focus shift associated with the spectrum between 400nm and 850nm to an absolute minimum, delivering outstanding image quality beyond the visible range. This makes these lenses the optics of choice for any NIR application, such as traffic monitoring.

The series features three models with 16mm, 25mm and 50mm focal length: the MA111F16VIR, MA111F25VIR and MA111F50VIR.

Please make sure to watch the following video, introducing our new optics

Further information and datasheets can be found via the following link

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