Tamron’s automotive lenses rewarded with Trust Award by DENSO

We are proudly announcing that Tamron received the Trust Award by DENSO on May 25, 2021.

The Trust Award is presented to companies which have contributed to the overall business of DENSO Corporation in terms of quality improvement, cost reduction, faster delivery, or other ways. Particular recognition was given to Tamron’s problem-solving abilities in the development of its automotive lenses and thorough quality assurance system for mass production.

Tamron achieves mass production of high-quality products by incorporating cutting-edge technologies for needs such as automotive lens cameras with greater pixels and high reliability requirements.

Related products are e.g.:
– Lenses for front sensing cameras
– LIDAR optical module for front sensing
(Employed in the advanced driving assistance system of DENSO Corporation.)

To realize a safe and secure car society, Tamron will continue to provide high-performance optical products used for image sensors and LIDAR, which assist preventive safety and automated driving to help solve social issues such as traffic accidents and increasing congestion.

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