M117FM: Low-distortion industrial lenses for 1/1.7” sensors up to 6 Megapixels

The TAMRON M117FM-RG series are the perfect machine vision lenses for 1/1.7”-1/1.8” sensors with 5 to 6 Megapixel resolution such as Sony’s IMX537, IMX547, IMX567 and IMX178. These C-mount lenses stand out with their very low distortion and fulfill all the criteria for machine vision applications:

Extra-low distortion

Comparison of TAMRON M117FM08 with competitive 8mm lens - ROI at the edge of the image

TAMRON M117FM lenses are the new industry benchmark for low distortion. With TV distortion from as little as -0.01% to -1.02% depending on focal length, these lenses deliver best-in-class sharpness and resolution on the edges of the image for optimal precision.

Compact size

With their 29mm diameter, these lenses are perfectly suited for vision systems with space constraints, for example in combination with 29x29mm footprint cameras.

Rugged design

The TAMRON M117FM series have been designed for tough environments. Deflection is limited to <10µm after up to 10G shocks and vibrations.

Large choice of focal length options

The range covers all popular focal lengths in the machine vision market, starting with wide angle 6mm and 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and up to 50mm tele.

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