New Product Template

This is a test lens to simulate a new product release.

If you launch a new product and enter the technical specifications to wordpress before the publishing date, please do not categorize it! Lenses with Category will be shown in “featured products” although the lens is not published yet.

Images should have the size 1080×720 pixels with 72 pxls/inch to ensure loading speed and good SEO.

Tick the box for the lens category (in the right column under “document”).

Do not forget to update the excerpt in the right column!

Add a focus keyphrase and snippet text (same as excerpt) for google listing

Product specification

Attribute Value
Name M13VP850IR
Sensor size 1/3"
Mount CS
Min. pixel pitch [µm] Not Assigned
Focal length [mm] 8 to 50
Aperture type Auto P-Iris
Aperture range 1.6 to 360
MOD [m] 2
Focus type Manual, with lock
Weight [g] 106
Spectral range Visible Light to Near Infrared
Optical overall length [mm] 86
Maximum diameter [mm] 44
Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
Filter thread Not Assigned

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