Launch of the new MA23F Machine Vision Lens Series

The new MA23F-Series provides the latest lens technology for industrial machine vision applications, ensuring high image quality and contrast to capture every detail. With up to 8 Megapixel resolution in a 2/3” format, this series supports the trend for higher resolution in industrial inspection systems. All three models have an outer diameter of 29mm and a C-Mount, which perfectly combines with the typical 29x29mm footprint of compact machine vision cameras for a minimal size in systems with limited space.

The image quality is optimized for short, close-up distances typically found in industrial vision systems. Tamron has further improved the lens design to achieve one of the lowest distortions of the industry. The resistance to shocks and vibrations has been improved as well. A new mechanism limits image deflection to less than 10µm, even when the lens is exposed to up to 10G impacts. Standard locking screws are provided to fix lens settings in an industrial environment.

The MA23 Series consists of models with 8mm, 25mm and 35mm focal length: the MA23F08V, MA23F25V and MA23F35V. All share the rugged industrial design, optimized image quality and compact size.

More information will follow shortly.

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