Our new shutterless Thermal Camera Module LW10F

TAMRON has developed a new thermal camera module which answers the requirements of versatile applications:

In nursing, monitoring systems shall provide continuous information about the position, body movements and body temperature of patients. Especially at night, this monitoring needs to operate in complete darkness and entirely silent. Yet, the resolution of the monitoring system should be rather coarse to protect patients’ privacy.

Equally, camouflaged indoor and outdoor surveillance systems shall detect living beings at day and at night silently and without artificial illumination. Requirements on the resolution are low while price constraints are tough.

In manufacturing environments, the temperature monitoring of engines and machines is key for the safety of workers and the equipment itself as well as for the identification of required maintenance measures.

The all-new Thermal Camera Module of Tamron fulfills all requirements of these and many other applications: It is compact in size, provides accurate temperature measurement (+-2°C), is very much affordable and easy to integrate thanks to its generic interfaces. The innovative shutterless design ensures entirely silent and continuous operation with longevity. The resolution of 80×80 protects the privacy of patients and is sufficient for most applications leading to enormous savings on the image sensor side.

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